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New machines

Production line built of machines:
1. Unwinding machine FA800, ( linear storage unit and active wire delivery system).
2. Savotec SSC4000 cut and strip machine.
3. COILING COLLECTOR MACHINE KW500 The rotary COILING MACHINE (coiler) is used for the creation of cable coils, is a semi-automatic machine which require the presence of the operator to pick up the coil from the work area, the coiler can be connected only to SAVOTEC machines.
4. Possible print on the wires.
5. Possible automatic packaging for boxes.
6. Comprehensive security system CE certificated,
7. A computer integrated in the cutting and isolating machine, the Windows platform, open to many possibilities.
8.Fast reliable touch panel,
9. Belt drive and many modern solutions for making production more pleasant.

Coiling machine KW500:
weight: 250kg,
dimension: 1000 x 1200 x 1800,
power supply 230V
air pressure 6 bar,
Power consumption 1 kW,
minimum external cable diamemeter 1 mm,
maximum external cable diamemeter 14 mm,
minimum lenght for a coiling 1200 mm,

Another solution for the line series cutting and cable isolation, new is the smooth adjustment of the belt, dual active deposit system, ideal positioning using specially designed receiving feet, segregation of cut pieces, under full control. Two-way communication with the master machine. The deposit can work alone or with other machines. A friendly touch panel.

Linear collector LC series 2500,3000,4000. ( 3 types of deposit length)
A line built of machines: FA 800, SSC4000, LC2500

SV10 (Dereeling System SV 10) + cutting machine SP120 (cut machine SP120) sheaths, tubes, thermo-shrinking, flat materials. Feeding, transfer on two wide belts, controlled by a engine with smooth regulation. Saving programs to memory, individual settings for dedicated articles.

Windows operating system, touch panel, menu in Polish.